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Compact Video: Canon PowerShot SX210 IS Tested

27 Sep Posted by Matt in News, Reviews |
Compact Video: Canon PowerShot SX210 IS Tested
There’s a lot of talk and hype surrounding DSLR video, and some big names are putting it to the test, but what about getting excellent results from a compact?

Canon PowerShot SX210 Camera PURPLE

Canon PowerShot SX210 IS

Compact digital cameras have long been capable of recording video, but only recently have we really seen a usable level of quality from them. High-end compacts can now record HD video using the efficient H.264 codec, and may offer a great benefit to the casual video shooter who doesn’t want to carry a separate camcorder.

To see what could be done quickly and easily, I grabbed one of my favourite compacts at the moment, the Canon PowerShot SX210 IS, and headed out to the grim wet streets of North London to film a couple of shots.

Conditions were far from perfect what with it being so overcast outside, and I didn’t spend time perfecting any of the shots. The whole thing took less than 30mins to go outside, film and stitch together in Final Cut Pro.

First Impressions

I’m pretty happy with these results, and think they’re comparable to a modest consumer digital video camera. Better lighting and more thought would have helped make a better sequence, but the fundamentals for good web video content are here.

The physical size of the camera makes it reasonably hard to keep it steady during filming, especially when zooming. Filming outside it also became clear that the microphone, whilst better than that found on many other compact cameras, is very susceptible to wind noise.

Stay Tuned…

We’ll be adding more video tips and tricks, as well as a deeper look at the Canon PowerShot SX210 IS, shortly.


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