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The Glif iPhone 4 tripod mount and stand

12 Oct Posted by Matt in News, Reviews, Stuff We Like |
The Glif iPhone 4 tripod mount and stand

Meet The Glif, a novel and cleverly designed clip-on tripod mount for the iPhone that also doubles up as a nifty stand.

The Glif iPhone Stand

Using a tripod with your phone might sound a bit OTT, but Apple’s iPhone 4 has addressed a number of frustrations that riled iPhone 3G/3GS users (although not without creating some new problems), one of which being a vastly improved camera.

Gizmodo have already shown that the iPhone 4 can produce really good photos, but what about using your phone like a proper camera and mounting it on a tripod?

Sure you could knock up a DIY effort without too much hassle, but the intriguingly named The Glif serves as a very neat tripod mounting solution.

Fstoppers iPhone Photoshoot

iPhone pictures of old, for good reason, had a poor reputation. The original iPhone camera (also used in the iPhone 3G) had a not unreasonable 2 megapixel resolution, but it was a fixed focus and poor quality offering that rarely produced good results. So much so that when the 3GS came along with what was by no means a staggering camera (3.2 megapixels with autofocus, auto white balance, and auto macro) it was met with more praise than it really deserved.

That said the 3GS can yield great results, as the guys over at Fstoppers proved in their iPhone Fashion Shoot. Proof if you needed it that your camera isn’t necessarily the most important factor in taking cracking shots…

iPhone 4 Example Image

iPhone 4 Example Image - From antinbath on Flickr

The iPhone 4 is in a different league. The back-illuminated sensor vastly improves performance in less ideal lighting conditions, as does the LED flash. Credible 720 HD video recording tops off the package and makes the iPhone 4 our favourite camera-phone to date.

If you have an iPhone 4 then we reckon the $20 (plus $8 postage to the UK) Glif is a great buy for it’s size and simplicity. Couple it with an original Gorrilapod and you’ve got a very versatile little accessory pack for taking your iPhone 4 photography up a notch.

Check out their website to place an order.


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