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Stuck for Creative Photo Inspiration? Gizmodo’s 106 Amazing Photos Might Help

01 Dec Posted by Matt in News, Stuff We Like |
Stuck for Creative Photo Inspiration? Gizmodo’s 106 Amazing Photos Might Help

gizmodo-106photosIf you find yourself a little stuck for creative inspiration with your photography, then it can often help to look at what other people are doing to get the creative juices flowing.

There are many ways to do this – sometimes merely sitting down and flicking through a magazine will make something pop into your head, but the problem with doing this is that you’ll have no information about the shot.

If you spot a particular creative effect that you’d like to have a go at, then knowing what camera (or at least what type of camera) the photographer used, the lens, shutter speed, aperture and whether the flash fired is all useful stuff.  For all you know what you see in a magazine might be more of a Photoshop triumph than a talented and well thought out piece of photography.

Step forward then Gizmodo’s 106 Amazing Photos By You, a great place to start looking for a bit of inspiration this weekend.  Usually the Gizmodo shooting challenges follow a theme and set of rules, but this week the rule book went out the window and entrants had free reign to submit anything. The result? A fascinatingly eclectic collection of excellent photos, of which at least one is bound to capture your imagination.

Gizmodo Screenshot 1Not only have all the featured entries got a description of the camera, equipment and settings used, but all also feature a brief description of the shot by the photographer.

Can I achieve shots like this?

In a word, yes. The beauty of this collection of photos is that the vast majority have been taken on digital compact cameras or consumer digital SLRs, usually without specialist lenses.

If you’ve got a spare ten minutes, then I strongly urge you to take a browse of this set.  Of course, there are other places you can look for inspiration too – we’ll have a full breakdown soon here at Digital Camera Beginner, but this should keep you going for now.

106 Amazing Photos By You [Gizmodo]


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