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Fun Cameras For Kids

10 Dec Posted by Mark in Reviews, Stuff We Like |
Fun Cameras For Kids

Most of the time we look at the quality and price of the cameras to help choose what to buy. For this list we’re looking more at the fun level – both for kids and the fun loving adults out there!

Flip Camcorder

Flip Video CamcorderIt’s almost unbelievable to those of us who remember the days camcorders were a luxury to see them at a price you’d seriously consider buying for kids presents (or yourself!) but now you can have a HD camcorder for barely over £100. There are a few models available, with the cheaper non-HD models costing around £80. Small enough to slip into a pocket alongside your mobile, but with much better quality these are perfect to take on trips, holidays or even just nights out.

Plus, until the 12th Amazon are offering an extra £20 off Flip Video Ultra 3rd Generation HD Camcorders, with voucher code ‘ULT3HD2O’.

VTech Kidizoom Plus Multimedia Digital Camera (Blue)

VTech KidizoomFrom a photographers perspective, this is what would technically be called “rubbish”. The quality and specs are very low, but lets face it this isn’t what you’re buying this type of camera for! For young children it is probably perfect. Toughly built with big easy to use controls and a low price that will reduce the worry of letting them run around with it. It might not teach them much about the technicalities of photography but for kids under 7 or 8 it might well teach them to love photography itself whilst having fun! (As a guide, Amazon has reviews where children as young as 3 are getting on fine with it.)

Kodak Easyshare C183

Kodak Easyshare C183The Kodak Easyshare C183 is aimed straight at the facebook generation. It hasn’t got the greatest zoom, and won’t be breaking any records for image quality, but if you want to take snapshots of friends and family it’s features might make up for it. As well as allowing one-click uploads to facebook and other websites when you plug it into your computer, it features on camera facial recognition, making it much quicker and easier to tag all the photos of friends you’ve taken over the course of a night! The price is also good for a camera aimed at nights out as for less than £50 it’s cheap enough for you not to worry too much.

Polaroid 300 Instant

Polaroid 300It’s difficult to review the Polaroid 300- As this isn’t a digital camera it’s a bit of an odd appearance on this list, but it has a whole lot of appeal for some people. This really is a leap back to the instant polaroid cameras of old. With almost no settings and only a simple viewfinder this is one of the ultimate point and shoot cameras. Each print is ready a minute or so after taking it and that beats even facebook for sharing with your friends. Of course, to use the shots on facebook will require some work with a scanner ;)

The only thing that really lets it down is the price of the film (a 10 shot cartridge cost around £9 on Amazon), which means you probably won’t be as snap happy as you’d like to be, especially compared to a digital camera with it’s almost unlimited shot count!
From any sensible or technical perspective this camera is a low quality, low tech throwback that is beaten by digital in every way. Even as a teaching tool to show immediate results of changes it can’t win as digital cameras allow you to see the results on screen just as quickly. But on the other hand, there isn’t anything else out there that can do what this camera does, and maybe it’s worth the price for the joy of sharing photos as they happen? I’m almost convinced!


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