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Polaroid GL30 Digital Instant Camera launched, with a little help…

07 Jan Posted by Matt in News, Stuff We Like |
Polaroid GL30 Digital Instant Camera launched, with a little help…

A charismatic launch can really set your new product off on the right track – whether it’s a glitzy choreographed performance or Apple wheeling out their charisma-in-residence, Steve Jobs, for a keynote speech.

Lady Gaga

Polaroid Creative Director, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

It may not quite be over yet for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but we doubt anyone will create more of a buzz and show than Lady Gaga launching a trio of new Polaroid products.

All three are innovative (well ones just a bit odd, more on that later) and Gaga claims she had a hands-on role with the design.

We predicted last year that new products from Polaroid were in the pipeline, but we certainly didn’t expect this previously sedate and, dare I say dull, bunch to bring the most outlandish of popstars with them.

Polaroid GL30 Digital Instant Camera

polaroid-ces-2011-teaser-originalThe GL30 was the finale of Gagas marketing act, but potentially the most interesting. It’s styled much like a Polaroid camera of old – the wide slab front has a retro look whilst the thin tail gives it a bit of a modern-retro twist.

It functions like an old Polaroid too, in so much that you take photos and collect them out of the from. But, this is a digital camera at heart, so you use a pop-up LCD screen to compose your shot much like you would on any other digital camera.

Here’s the clever bit – before it spits your image out you can apply filters and effects to give your images a retro feel, much like using one of the many apps available on iPhones and other smartphones.  Yes, this ‘hipster’ camera focuses more on fun than photography.

Specs are limited at the moment, but what we know so far.

  • Pop-up LCD screen for composing and reviewing shots
  • Prints on 3”x4” ZINK (zero-ink) paper.
  • Most controls are concealed under the LCD screen, available when the screen is opened.
  • Can be used as a Bluetooth wireless printer, compatible with nearly every digital camera and mobile phone (that is, everything except the iPhone).

The 3×4” photos are quite small, but then so is the camera so making the prints any larger would mean making the camera significantly larger.  You get a choice of print styles too, including the classic Polaroid style border as well as full edge-to-edge prints.

We don’t have pricing info for the camera yet, though we imagine it will be somewhat more than the printer mentioned below.  Release date is simply ‘later in 2011’, which we can assume will be after the wireless printer in May but in time for Christmas.  Obviously over the cost of a traditional digital camera the GL30 requires you to keep it topped up with ZINK paper cartridges. We don’t know how much they’ll be just yet, but we expect them to come in a cartridge capable of printing 10 sheets.

Polaroid-examplePolaroid GL10 Wireless Instant Printer

The Polaroid GL10 is much like the camera above, but with the camera part removed.  Designed for the camera-phone snapper to instantly print their images, you can wirelessly send pictures from your phone (although again, not an iPhone), digital camera or tablet PC using Bluetooth.

The GL10 uses the same ZINK technology to create 3×4” prints, and once again we don’t have pricing info for the paper just yet but expect the cartridges to have 10 sheets in.

The Polaroid GL10 will launch, in the US at least, in May this year at a price of $150. No word on a European launch or pricing yet but we expect it won’t be far behind.

Polaroid GL20 Camera Glasses

Lady Gaga Polaroid GL20 Camera Glasses

Gaga Camera Glasses: Conspicuous?

Now for the most Gaga of the three products, the newly appointed Creative Director proudly put on this set of Camera Glasses as if she was in one of her bonkers music videos.  Lady Gaga announced that the GL20 glasses merge fashion with photography, allowing you to capture and upload photos right from the glasses themselves.  Once you’ve taken a picture, you can then show it to your friends using the built-in LCD screens.

Polaroid say  ‘only Lady Gaga could create a hybrid that’s part fashion statement, part revolutionary technology and part tool for self-expression’.  Sadly we think that maybe only Lady Gaga can pull this look off.

Pricing and availability is yet to be announced, but should be later this year.


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