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Polaroid PoGo ZINK Printer

11 Jan Posted by Mark in Reviews, Stuff We Like |
Polaroid PoGo ZINK Printer

Is it a bit late to review something that’s been out for nearly two years?

PoGo ZINK Printer Printing

Polaroid PoGo ZINK Instant Printer

Maybe. But until this week I’d completely forgotten that Polaroid had ever released their instant ZINK (Zero INK) Printer! Luckily, I was reminded by Matt and Polaroid’s somewhat OTT release of their new ZINK range. I still probably wouldn’t have cared but I found the original PoGo on Amazon for £25 – Suddenly I was interested…

There are plenty of factual reviews of the PoGo from when it launched, and they are all as true today as they were two years ago. It produces tiny 2×3″ photos, the colours are sketchy and the overall print quality is at best poor. But it is a lot of fun!

I realised recently that since getting my digital camera(s) I’d hardly printed any of my photos, so I’ve been getting loads printed out (and I’ll have a review of some of the different services soon!) But the PoGo is different. The photos I print on this aren’t ones I consider ‘good’ or ‘artistic’, they’re the ones I want to remember or share.

The fact Polaroid included bluetooth support and made the prints sticky backed was simply genius – now I can stick a photo of my mate pulling a stupid face on his desk almost before he’s finished pulling it. As someone who usually can’t be bothered with the time sink that is facebook it’s rare I take photos with my phone as I’ve nothing to do with them… All of a sudden the average digital camera on my phone has a purpose, and because of that I’ve finally started using it on a regular basis.

I’ve just realised this isn’t really a review. PoGo ZINK Printer PrintingFor £100 or whatever the launch price was the PoGo was an overpriced gadget without a clear purpose. The new GL30 might repeat that mistake as upping the picture size to 3×4″ still doesn’t move it into serious territory, but that doesn’t matter for now. I’ve only had it for a few days and I might get bored of it soon, but for £25 (and with the now low price of the ZINK paper) the PoGo becomes a great piece of kit that’s made me rediscover what fun snapshots can be. It’s still producing low quality, tiny prints and can’t compete with nearly any other photo printer on the market. But whatever it’s faults I love it.


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