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iPhone 5: Evidence of a better camera?

08 Sep Posted by Matt in News |
iPhone 5: Evidence of a better camera?


You don’t have to trawl the internet for very long, or indeed speak to very many people down the pub, to find out that a lot of people think a new Apple iPhone is not very far away.  For the purposes of simplicity I’ll call it the iPhone 5.

I’ll confess that as a user of a now so-slow-it-annoys-me-every-time-I-use-it iPhone 3G, the new iPhone is something in which I have a vested interest.  Up until now however, I haven’t seen any relevance in what I’ve read to Digital Camera Beginner.

So, what’s changed?  Well the guys over at have been on the ball and picked up on the following image, posted recently to Flickr.

iPhone 5 Camera Image

iPhone 5 Photo? (via PocketNow)

Is this photo really from an iPhone 5?

We can’t be sure, but we think it probably is.  The original image on Flickr (now removed) superficially claimed to be taken by an iPhone 4, and in fact the photo had been cropped to 2235×2291 pixels to make it the size of an iPhone 4 image (5.12 megapixels).

EXIF data on Flickr

EXIF Data can show more than meets the eye

Dig deeper though and the EXIF data tells a different story.

EXIF data is the non-image info that is embedded in a photo – it’s like the DNA of the image and tells you everything from what camera took the photo, to what the aperture and shutter speed settings were.

Firstly then, this data tells us that the photo here was originally much bigger.

About 3 megapixels bigger to be exact; the photo above was cropped from 3264×2448, which makes the original about 8 megapixels.

There are some other clues too; the aperture is shown as f/2.4 (rather than the iPhone 4′s f/2.8), and the focal length of the lens 4.3mm (rather than the iPhone 4′s 3.85mm).

That said, given the right software all of this information can be edited, so it’s far from confirmed that these are the camera specs we’ll see for the next-generation iPhone.  The fact the photo has since been removed may be telling, but we have no way of knowing what the final iPhone 5 will ship with when it undoubtedly gets released in the not too distant future.

What can we be sure of?  Well given that the iPhone 4 is still the most popular camera on Flickr, Apple will be as certain as anyone that a good quality camera is something customers value highly.



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